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[Vogue Blogger] Sunshine @CAESAR PARK HOTEL


I never thought one day I would love to stay in holiday hotels or vacation villas until we went to Mallorca, Spain for a summer vacation in 2016. That trip has totally changed my dull mind. German mostly enjoy arranging traveling by themselves. However, when it comes to the summer or winter holidays, they prefer to stay in holiday hotels or villas for one or two weeks long. The biggest advantage is just to relax and enjoy all services without worries and troublesome arrangements; sunbath, ski or hot springs.

Our trip to Taiwan was short and hurry that we could not arrange our schedule as we wished. However, I thought about our time in Mallorca; it seemed to be a good idea to visit south of Taiwan for a sunny winter holiday. Michael and my daughter were so excited about my plan. Once we made the decision, my childhood memory came to my mind, the Caesar Park Hotel Ken Ting.



We took the high-speed train from my hometown, YunLin going south to the station, ZuoYing that is near to the CAESAR PARK HOTEL. And then, we took the hotel shutter that we have reserved seats online. Everything was smoothly connected; after a short nap, the blue sky and sea and gold sunshine were front of us.


Before we headed to Taiwan, I have booked a family room that has an outdoor massage pool in our private little garden. Through the images on the CAESAR PARK HOTEL website, everything looked nice and well-arranged. Moreover, the special offered price was favorable; without hesitation, I reserved the Jacuzzi Guest Room Poolside room for us. After arriving, while we were waiting to check in, I heard from the crew who was talking about a New Year special offer for Villa. After asking, we only had to add some more budget, and then we were able to upgrade to the Villa. For the New Year, we would like to reward ourselves after a hard-working year in 2016. Yes, please upgrade!

Michael and my daughter could not wait longer to get into the water before the sky turned darker. They changed and jumped into the cold pool; however, they enjoyed it that seemed they have never played water.



When the lady showed us the Villa, it seemed we were happier than to win the lotto; everything is the Villa was excellent, the private pool, two outdoor baths, large living room and bathroom (did I say there is another bath?); moreover, a big table in the kitchen area. After the lady had left, three of us could not wait but rushed into the directions we wanted. I prepared a hot bath for myself, in the past several days in Taipei, I was hurrying for every meeting; now I could finally relax. The other two were jumping into the water (again) as fast as possible. We all enjoyed.


CAESAR PARK HOTEL Ken Ting has a convenient location that is just two minutes walking distant far from the most famous KenTing Street, where is also the popular night market. However, the two minutes distance blocks the crowds away; in the hotel area is quiet and peaceful. In the first evening, we would like to visit the night market and find tasty food as our dinner. It was a long weekend holiday in Taiwan, everywhere was crowded; we had to flow with people who around us. You find everything in a night market, food, toys; moreover, you see mini bar stands in KenTing. They offer any drink you order, including atmosphere that you look for in a real night bar. It was hard to believe that we had 25 degrees in Taiwan in a winter season.


The little bay beach is just in front of the CAESAR PARK HOTEL; customers can borrow all beach equipment with room cards. The beach is clean, and the sand is soft; it was joyful to let feet soak in the warm water. My daughter played with spindrift, jumped up and down; and Michael was just showing his Europian character that loves sunshine and water, floating and enjoying the beach time.


When having vacations in Europian hotels or villas, people generally order a half-portion or a full-portion service during the staying; a half-portion is including a breakfast and a dinner, a full-portion has an additional lunch. We take mostly a half-portion due to our schedule that we sometimes visit neighborhood areas in the daytime; so that we do not have to return to the hotel only for lunch. Dinner is different; after a full day sightseeing, it is comfortable and convenient to have dinner quietly in a place we stay; moreover, no worries about whom should drive after a relaxed drinking.

We would like to take things easily during our stay in CAESAR PARK HOTEL. However, we knew that their dinner buffet is worth to try; so we have reserved a table for three to enjoy. We had a table beside the window that was facing the sea; a view of the sunset and the coastal was just perfect for a romantic evening.

在歐洲一般度假村或是度假旅館都可以事先選擇半套或是全套預訂居住,半套便是住宿含早餐與晚餐,而全套則增加了午餐的選項,是十分方便的選擇優惠。我們一般選半套,最主要原因是有時候白天外出在鄰近腹地遊玩,若是為了吃中飯而再趕回住宿之地則顯得多餘;不過晚餐時間大多已回到休息之處, 在旅館內慢條斯理享受浪漫晚餐,還不用擔心若是飲酒之後的酒駕問題,其實也是大多旅客的選擇。


There was another point that we liked a lot during our stay; we joined two seasonal guide tours that were hosted by CAESAR PARK HOTEL. They were KenTing Night Tour and Trip to SheDing Nature Park. We were the only family to take part of the KenTing Night Tour; it seemed a private guide tour for us. The young and active guide not only showed us the Eluanbi Lighthouse but also told us some related and interesting local stories. Viewing the full-star sky without any light pollution was a precious experience for me. There were many families joined the Trip to SheDing Nature Park tour; that was an exciting tour. Also, it was hard to believe that we had 27 degrees in January, we lost the sense of seasons; meanwhile the weather in Germany was storming and snowing.


The CAESAR PARK HOTEL Villa team offers fresh-deliver breakfast directly from their kitchen to our dining table every morning on the time that we wished. We could choose Chinese and Western two styles. If you have different preferences, you can talk to the housekeeper team; they will try to organize. I knew that I could exchange my daily breakfast menu; however, the Chinese rice gruel and those delicious side dishes made me felt hungry and looked forward to the second day morning. Not even to mention the fresh pressed juice, fruits, and salad, they tasted totally different than in Europe, very sweet and juicy. The last but not the least is the large table in the dining space; we loved it. If it is possible, we will set up a similar one in our home.


I prefer more and more a way to share my travel diaries; that is to tell my experience which is developed from my personal lifestyle than to tell you all information that you can also find on the internet. The trip to kenTing reminded me my childhood that we visit with my family; moreover, Michael and my daughter were satisfied with this relaxing holiday. Compare to have a trip in a city, doing nothing in KenTing was a great decision we could make during our stay in Taiwan.

CAESAR PARK HOTEL offers a clear and smart website for us to discover; it shows all information we need on it. Moreover, they give frequently seasonal offers; browsing around to find a next proper holiday for you. In case you need help, feel free to call the service department; while I tried to book a room for us, I had a payment problem due to my credit card, I called and solved all issues within 15 minutes.




Website : www.kenting.caesarpark.com.tw
Facebook : 墾丁凱撒大飯店 CAESAR PARK HOTEL

I used Olympus PEN-F and the object 45mm 1:1.8 to record my trip in kenTing; normally it would be better to carry in a city lifestyle. However, I would like to give a challenge to myself. Also, I wanted to be used to this camera as quick as possible. I did not expect that Olympus PEN-F is such a smart-designed camera; it is handy to carry and easy to operate in any situation, no matter the poolside or the crowded night market.

I would say, Olympus PEN-F is a camera has a high quality, not only the outside looking but also the essential character. It focus fast and captures sharp images; however, you see all beautiful details that compose the view. It can catch all stories front of me that I could like to record; it seems to be my send pair eyes; however, it is not aggressive to give pressure to the people who are in front of the camera.

I edited all images with Lightroom, not only about the exposure or the contrast but also my personal emotion.

這次南下墾丁我全程使用 Olympus PEN-F 機身搭配 45mm 1:1.8 定焦鏡頭紀錄我們的行程。其實這款機身比較適合在城市生活中使用,但是我其實想挑戰、順便磨練我對這台相機的手感,希望在短時間內上手。沒想到,它的輕巧與聰明的設定模式在不管任何情況下都十分好操作,不管是空曠的沙灘、陽光耀眼的池畔,或是人潮擁擠的墾丁大街上。



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